Gwan and Devyn

When we first met..

People always ask how Devyn and I met. I just usually give them the generic story of how we've known each other for awhile since her brother, Michael, and I are friends but honestly, it's a little more intriguing than that. I've actually always had a crush on Devyn. When I first met her at Lights All Night with Michael, I was extremely attracted to her. We casually brushed shoulders here and there but never really talked. I asked Michael if she was seeing anyone that night and he replied, "Don't you even think about it!".

Fast forward 5 years later and here we are again for Lights All Night. This time it was different; there was an energy between us that we couldn't resist and she felt the same way. After she made the first move, I knew that she was the one. ;) A family, a house, a car, and 4 years later; we are ready to tie the knot! Thanks to all of you that have been so supportive of our long distance relationship and endeavors. We are so excited to be celebrating with all of our close family and friends. Cheers to 2020!




Wedding Ceremony

4:00 PM, September 7, 2020
Villa Baroncino
Via Baroncino, 38/A, Tuoro Sul Trasimeno PG, Italy 06069

We are very excited to share this special day with all of our loved ones. Please indicate how many nights you will be staying with us at the Villa when you RSVP. Please visit the "Travel" and "Villa Accommodations" sections for additional information about our wedding. Hope to see you there!
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Florence Airport to Villa: Transportation by Car or Train

Hello guest - as we are getting closer to our special day, we ask that you start booking your flights to Florence. This will be the closest airport to our venue. You can find some great flight deals on: Groupon Getaways,, and Google Flights is also a great place to look for average fare prices.

To get to the Villa from the Florence airport, you can take a train or rent a car. Please click on the "Visit Website" link below to find detailed information on how to get to our villa by train or car.

Many of us will book our flights to arrive in Florence by Saturday, Sept. 5th. This is the first day for us to start checking-in. Please visit the "Villa Accommodations" section for more information about stay. Feel free to contact us, via text, if you have any questions!
We look forward to seeing all of you!
xoxo -Gwan & Devyn
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Villa Accommodations

Villas and Rooms

We are so thrilled to have all of our guests stay with us at the Villa! The ceremony, reception, and events will all take place at the Villa. Villa Baroncino consists of 12 villas with 1-3 bedrooms inside each villa. Space is limited so please let us know how many nights you will be staying at the Villa and how many people are in your party. Once we confirm head count and how many nights everyone is staying, we will then let everyone know what the cost is per night.

Gwan, Devyn, and Family will be staying at the Villa from Saturday, Sept 5th - Saturday, Sept. 12th. Feel free to depart the villa any day after the wedding or stay as many nights after the wedding.


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Michael Vu

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Pun Luxanato

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Jory Mixay


Vivian Nguyen


Baylie Liu


Parker Nguyen


Ann Luu

Maid of Honor

My Le


Elizabeth Nguyen


Allen Nguyen


Stephen Jamie



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